J & J's Romantic Killarney Mountain Lodge Wedding

J&J - 09.22.2017

I’ve known Jess for years, we have been friends since the beginning of college. We met living together in a student dorm. Like many college friends, we kept in touch but both became busy with our careers. Jess moved to Parry Sound to become an interior designer, after meeting Josh at a house party where a mutual friend introduced them, 

I remember asking her to be a model for one of my school projects and after seeing the images she said “when I get married you are going to be my wedding photographer!”. 

Fast forward 7 years later and Jess stayed true to her word, I got an email from her asking me to be their photographer! The couple decided to have their wedding at the beautiful Killarney Mountain Lodge , located on the Northern tip of Georgian Bay. 

The bridal party got ready in the Pilot house, a photographers dream! Picture windows, a tightly knit bridal party and perfect hand selected details. 

We met the groomsmen at the waterfront for a short but beautiful ceremony. Both sets of parents were smiling from ear to ear the entire time. The brides sister, showed her joy with countless tears, a girl just like myself (who also shares the same name). Don’t be surprised if you see me tearing up during your ceremony, its bound to happen! 

The Wedding Party was lots of fun , and did not disappoint with their heartfelt yet hilarious speeches during dinner. It was a dream for me to be able to not only attend such a dear friends wedding but be their to capture so many special moments for them. I always feel so lucky and involved when I am invited to photograph a wedding, from the most simple moments to emotional ones every wedding is full of such unique memories. 

Congratulation again Jess & Josh, I can’t wait to see your story as it evolves through the years.